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65 Year-Old Woman Fights Osteoporosis with Exercise, Rather Than Taking Fosamax

As the dangerous side effects of Fosamax receive more attention in the media, and the number of lawsuits filed against Fosamax manufacturer Merck & Co. continues to climb, many women are choosing alternatives such as diet and exercise to keep their bones strong. One such woman, Sue Edwards, 65, of Swarthmore, PA, considers herself an informed Baby Boomer who would rather combat osteoporosis without help from a bisphosphonate medication like Fosamax.

Ms. Edwards, a retired education specialist, has always been physically active. When she was about 50, however, she developed painful arthritis and began taking anti-inflammatory medication to ease the pain. She considered herself a “non-medication” person and took the medication only because the pain was so unbearable.

When she had a bone scan in 1998 and was told she had osteopenia, the term for slight bone density loss that precedes osteoporosis, she rejected treatment with a bisphosphonate drug like Fosamax. Her reasons, she told website, were that she was warned by a friend about the dangers of taking the drug and one of her sisters “had broken several bones while taking Fosamax.”

Fosamax Strengthens Bone but Slows Turnover

“The problem with Fosamax and similar drugs is that it slows the rate of bone turnover. While this may lead to greater bone density, less of the old bone is removed. The bone may be denser, but a good percentage is bone the body would normally remove because it’s too old or too weak,” said Kate Lindemann, an osteoporosis researcher interviewed.

Ms. Edwards has been successful at combating her osteopenia through diet and exercise. After her first bone scan, she joined a gym and took part in body-strengthening exercise classes that involved lifting weights to keep her bones strong. In addition to a ten pound weight loss, Ms. Edwards saw her bone density numbers hold steady or improve slightly after she had another bone scan in January, 2012.

“I’m thrilled,” Edwards says. “The changes may not seem big statistically, but to me they’re significant because things are turning around or at least the deterioration has stopped. I was trying to avoid medications that have side effects, and I think I have done this.”

Consult a Physician before Embarking on a Diet and Exercise Routine

Although Fosamax has helped many people keep the effects of osteoporosis in check, there might be alternatives to the drug. Women like Sue Edwards are proof that lifestyle changes such as dietary modifications and the addition of exercise can, and do, help strengthen bones and reverse bone loss. Only a qualified medical professional, however, can advise whether osteoporosis can be treated without medication. It is important to weigh the risks and benefits of a drug like Fosamax in order to determine whether it is right for you.

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